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This is funny-weird, but we built you a go-around.

PayPal, the world's safest way to buy, and the Only way we buy anything on the Internet, says if we put their VIEW CART button on any web page we also must offer something for sale on That same page.  PayPal for sale buttons are all over our product pages, but we also want a VIEW CART one to be conveniently here for you.

Just to keep their system happy, here's something for sale. Don't buy it, because we'll give it to you free with  your order!

If you buy it, we'll send it and refund you.

We just wrote you another novel. 

That'll be about 49-50 full length, published, clean softcover books. Not sure of the total any longer. Many fun sequels to come.

So, we offer you "Maiyan Nation". Some say it's the first of a new sub-genre. No need to buy it, because if you merely ask us to, we'll send you a free copy, separate from your order. Say so in the order comments, or call us at 858-538-2911. We never bite and we never try to upsell.  We just enjoy hearing your voice.Really!

Like all our products, our books are 100% GUARANTEED FOREVER, but hey, if you get a free copy, well, that just means you already got your refund! No worries. Nobody has yet asked for a refund on one of our books. Now, that astounds us!

Ya know,  instead, if you want, we'll let you choose any one of our non-color books at https://MachBooks.Com   Just choose.

Spending limit? Of course not!  Okay, $1 for PayPal reasons. We're not here to make a megabuck.

We're here to bring you life and joy.

Request this free.

Free with an order